Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control
with DAL APC Suite

DAL Expert Advanced Process Control

DAL Expert APC Suite provides linear, nonlinear, and economic Model Predictive Control (MPC) solutions for the process industries. This includes mining, mineral, chemical, biotechnological, food, and energy industries.
Our MPC technologies can be used for reactors, separation processes, and utilities. We also develop fast and customized MPC technology for embedded systems in medicine and industry.
DAL Expert APC Suite is able to control multivariate, nonlinear, and difficult processes much better than traditional PID based control technology. Our MPC software can be applied to fast as well as large scale systems.

DAL Expert APC Suite Enables You to Achieve Maximum and Sustainable Efficiency With Solutions Tailored to Your Process

DAL Expert APC Suite Has A Wide Range of Tools to Increase The Efficiency of Your Process

With the help of these tools, you can achieve major and measurable improvements in plant performance.

DAL Expert Suite

You don't need to worry about the effect of most the changes occuring in the system.
Allows us to cover all the little details or heads-up points of a process.

DAL Expert Team

Our team has complete expertise in the Process Optimization and MPC Technology as well as its applications inn Cement Plants
Our team include Ph.D. researchers who been working in the field of cement plant optimization for more than 15 years.
Our team has great of know-how from a number industries how to generate lead to the market in terms of economic valuse to our customers.

DAL APC Benefits

Increased Production
Improved Product Quality
Reduced Use Of Energy And Raw Materials
Reduced Emissions
Low Energy Consumption
Safer Operation
Increased Operation Stability And Sustainability
Lower Maintenance Cost
Increased Equipment Lifetime
Better Utilizatiion Of Human Resources And Equipment


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