Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting
with PxTrend

DAL APC Specializes In Advanced IT-related Services Such As Connectivity, Data Collecting, Reporting, And Control for Industrial Systems

Solutions for Advanced Reporting System

DAL APC supply a platform used to create data collections, visualizations, and reports that can be accessed via web browsers.

Key benefits of the platform are

fast receiving of metric and message data via network interfaces
fast longtime storage of the data in a special database
comfortable Web UI with meaningful graphics for metric data and powerful query interface for message data
company-wide consistent and standardized presentation of your process data
efficiently and cost-effectively implementation into your processing
Metric Data Storage
Fast and reliable metric data storage ( > 10000 datapoints/second)
Can handle thousands of data points
Shortest time resolution is 1 second
Low disk space requirement (12 bytes for one datapoint)
Maintenance free (no reindexing or truncation)
Message Data Storage
Fast and highly scalable search engine
Can be scaled from standalone server to redundant cluster
Can index millions of messages
Fast full text search
Interactive Graphics
Line-, Area- and Scatter-graphs
Functions like moving average / std / min / max / LOWESS
Multiple Y-Axes
Interactive Zomm In / Zoom Out / Move Pane
Scale- / Time Shift values
Excel-/CSV- data export
Actionable, Self-Service Dashboards
Multiple Dashboard-Widgets layouts
Various Dashboard Widgets types
Gauge, LED-Gauge Widget Graphis Widgets HTML frame Widgets Live Playback Widgets Rate-meter Widget On/Off indicator Widget Clock Widget
Message Dashboards
Powerful search syntax
Composable dashboard elements
Free configurable result tables
Visualizing search hits as histogram, bar or line plots
User Based Access Control
User / User-groups
Users can be member of multiple groups
Guest/User/Admin roles
Playback allows you to analyse paste states of processes by placing trend-tags (metrics) into a so called Playback-page. The trend-tags can be moved around like objetcs on a computer desktop. A background could provide a fixed graphic framework which works like an image or text mnemonic. The Playback can be viewed by a comfortable adjustment of time and date.
BIRT Reporting Integration
Report viewer
Access to data storage by web-service (SOAP)
Report export formats
PDF Excel OpenDocument Spreasheet
Metric notifications
Message notifications (based on alarm/event messages)
Notifications send by email and/or Pushover
Multilingual User Interface
Data Interface to Feed Data Into PxTrend Archives
Message queue interface zeroMQ
TCP/UDP-Socket interface
Graphite carbon compatible interface
Data Interface to Query Archive Data
Web-Service interface (SOAP)
HTTP-API to query data
HTTP-API to retrieve graphics
Excel plugin 32bit/64bit (Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)